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We adopt a new approach to our profession having learnt the weaknesses and inefficiencies of conventional property services over the course of the last 11 years.

Terra Nova Land Management is founded on two principal pillars to deliver this expertise:

  1. Traditionally let Estates and Landlord-Tenant relationships
  2. Trading Estates, including farms and diversified enterprises

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We have specialists in all fields of land management and are fortunate to have first-hand experience in entrepreneurship and over a decade of experience in traditional, let Estates. A significant part of our ability to deliver first-class, bespoke service to our clients is our Administrative Team, who are specially trained in Estate Administration. Each member of the team builds specific relationships with our clients so there are no surprises or gaps in our service and we can always be contacted when needed.

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We operate a secure, mobile business model. We can do this because we haven’t inherited a legacy of expensive offices, overheads and investors’ expectations. That means, in practice, we can cover a broad geographic spread easily and more effectively spend our time devoted to our clients.

We are all but paperless which also means we have all our files to hand wherever we are, can communicate immediately with our clients, team and other professionals and, most importantly, carry out pro-active management, rather than the convention of re-active management. We make sure that the efficiencies which technology and systems afford us work for our clients first and foremost and not just for us.

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Our Services

Land Management

We operate the full management of rural estates stretching across the south and west of England. Our highly experienced and focussed team works closely with clients which can range from individuals...

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Commercial Property Management

We have a specific experience in managing individual commercial properties as part of whole rural estates, in addition to running portfolios of commercial units in isolation...

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Landlord and Tenant matters

At Terra Nova, we deal with all manner of Landlord and Tenant matters on a routine basis. This can be extremely varied...

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Major Infrastructure Strategy and Negotiation

At Terra Nova, we operate a professionally unique service in acting for Landowners who have been or are threatened by Major Infrastructure Development. Our experience stretches back...

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Environmental schemes

There is rarely a week that goes by without media commentary on the environment taking on more of a central role in the public conscious and governmental policy. We believe that the importance of the environment...

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We frequently undertake full assessments and reviews of Estate Strategy and Structure. This may include establishment of an Estate Strategy, drafting a Strategy document, implementing a Strategy across the Estate or by enterprise...

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Hear what our clients have to say...

I think I am right in stating that our estate was the first Terra Nova client? Why did we trust a new firm with our Estate? We believed that Sholto and his emerging team wanted to manage estates differently from the incumbents and were passionate about it.
Starting from that premise, the firm has delivered on a thoughtful, intimate management of the estate with a service which has sustained it objectives as it has grown in resource. The team has a deep knowledge of estate management with an easy, improved service which waste neither time or resources. When we bought the estate we had big plans but no idea how to make them a reality. Today 2 new businesses have been established and are thriving and the shoot is unrecognisable from what existed prior. Honestly this would not have been achievable without Terra Nova, who have made these a reality
Since we contracted with the firm, I am very pleased to see them go from strength to strength. They are “pulling” estate management into the 21st century and no longer relying on practices often developed from earlier centuries


JG - Wiltshire

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We take a unique approach to our services.

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